Protestant genealogical research in France

It is not a question to remake a guide of genealogy here. There exists about it sufficient and of extremely well made. The matter is here of speaking about what distinguishes genealogical research concerning the Protestants from France and about the sources which are particular for them. The reason is their tormented history.

For the periods when French Protestantism had a legal existence, there exists, insofar as they did not undergo destruction, Protestant registers, very similar to those which one has the practice to find for the catholics. The two principal periods of legal existence are that installation by the Edict of Nantes and that installation by the law of the 18 germinal year X (April 8, 1802) which continues nowadays under a different mode (separation of the Church and the State since 1905).

On the other hand, for the periods when Protestantism was prohibited, and generally, persecuted, these registers do not exist. If the baptisms, except exception, are recorded on the catholic registers, the marriages and burials miss generally. To compensate for it, there is a certain number of documents, of which certain specific to the Protestants.

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How to identify Protestant ancestors?


Specific documents:

N.B.: tabellion and notary are two synonymous terms.



Paleography: marriage certificate in 1611 .

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